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Vectra Online 4850 Gym 
Vectra Online 4850

CNN Money's "Best of the New" report:

 "Robert DeNiro has a Vectra weight-lifting system delivered to his hotel whenever he's on location for a film. Mere mortals can make do with the brand-new Vectra On-Line 4850, which features more than 29 exercises and can be used by anyone, flabby or fit. For Arnold wannabes, the bench press peaks at 310 pounds of resistance; for beginners, counterbalances can cut that to 10 pounds. The price tag is justified by the best ball bearings and pulley mechanisms available, so there's incredibly smooth motion on every exercise. And thoughtful touches like contoured leg pads keep you from smashing your shins while doing leg extensions. This Vectra home gym needs just 90 square feet to set up and is handsome enough to stand in plain view -- so it's that much harder for you to ignore."

Weight Stack
210 lbs. standard 260 lbs. optional
Stainless steel guide rods

Press Station
235 lbs. standard 285 lbs. optional
(without spring) 255 lbs. standard 305 lbs. optional

Pinnacle Bench
7 settings, one touch adjust

Press Arm
11 pre-stretch settings
8 ball bearing pivots

Pec-Dec arms
9 pre-stretch settings (adjust independently)

Leg Machine
Ball bearing pivot
Cam and accommodation pad
Locking seat for supported leg curls

Supported Row
12 position adjustable seat back
Narrow and wide grip handle positions

Leg Press
Lumbar support, pivoting nonskid footplate, and 8 ball bearing pivots.

Arm Station
Cambered bar with pinch proof cradle. Horizontal preacher curl with chest support.

10 year limited warranty (5 years commercial use)